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The “Leaplet” (English only)

A pamphlet overview of The Leap Manifesto project and 15 demands to support community organizing.  Formatted for printing or reading online.

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We Can Afford the Leap

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ economic case for how Canada can afford to make The Leap to a justice-based clean energy economy.

By Bruce Campbell, Seth Klein and Marc Lee, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives



Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars

2015 report authored by 60 Canadian scholars laying out how Canada can get to 100% renewable electricity within 20 years. Executive Summary.




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Heather Libby

The ’15 Demands’ Poster
(English only)

The Leap Manifesto inspires Canadians to think about what’s beyond. There’s a world of possibilities ahead if we are brave enough.

Heather Libby is a writer, designer and eternal optimist living in Vancouver with her two lovely cats and many pairs of shoes.

Julie Flett

Julie Flett is an award-winning author, illustrator and artist currently living in Vancouver, BC. She is Cree-Métis.

Matthew Forsythe

Each portion of the poster represents a different theme of the Manifesto: Night (L), Wildlife (E), Earth and landscape (A), Human Industry (P).

Matt Forsythe lives in Montreal where he makes comics and picture books and designs for television animation.

Angela Sterritt

“This piece to me is about having the spirit of our ancestors behind us who give gentle strength, love and kindness to our families and communities. It’s about having the courage to change cultural norms such as indifference by creating new ways of living and being and returning back to a place where leadership is about responsibility to all living beings.”

Angela Sterritt is an artist, writer, filmmaker and journalist from the Gitxsan Nation.