Starting a Local Leap Group

Are you interested in starting a local Leap group in your area? We would love to hear from you! Please read on for information and some guiding introductory questions.

What is a Leap group and what do they do?

  • Since Leap Year 2016, local Leap chapters have sprung up all across Canada, from Victoria to Thunder Bay to the University of Toronto, to mobilize their communities around the Leap Manifesto. See a list of all our current local groups.
  • Other groups, including environmental organizations, union working groups, and coalitions of existing groups, have also incorporated Leap-related organizing into their activities.
  • Leap groups are engaged in a wide array of work, from hosting educational events, to drafting localized versions of the Manifesto to encouraging action in their communities, to organizing fundraisers for frontline Indigenous communities.
  • It’s really up to you to decide what work you want to do! You know best what it is that your community needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Are there shared organizing principles among Leap groups?

  • We share a commitment to the principles of the Leap Manifesto, and a commitment to intersectional work that breaks down traditional silos between groups fighting for social and environmental justice.

How can we communicate with The Leap team?

  • The Leap can be reached through email at any time, at

What can we expect from The Leap?

  • Our website has a resources section with downloadable materials, and we are eager to promote the work of local groups on all our social media accounts.
  • We also often do have a small amount of printed Leaplets for events, if you let us know ahead of time.